Q: How long will it take for me to see my project finished?
A: That really depends on the project itself. Most projects are completed within a day to three days tops of starting them. Big, in-depth projects might take a few more days. You will always receive an individual time quote as the work is started.

Q: How does payment work?
A: Projects that cost $50 or higher will take a 1/2 deposit up front. The remainder will then be due upon satisfactory completion. Other smaller projects may be purchased by clicking the niteflirt pay buttons. Expect a turnaround of a few days at the most.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: I accept payments for this site via Niteflirt. Each page will have a payment button you may utilize for the service/product you are wishing to purchase. Other payment arrangements may be made as well.

Q: Do you have some sort of satisfaction guarantee?
A: While I do not have a set-in-stone “Money Back” guarantee, I do work closely with you and keep in close contact during the stages of design to get approval before moving on to the next step. For instance, most times I start out by designing the header, as it is the focal point for the design. I will get your approval and tweak if necessary before moving on to buttons, banners, colorography, etc. Each step will meet your approval before I go on, so there should be no worries there.

Q: Will other people have my listing?
A: If you purchase a custom listing, you can rest easy that nobody else on NF will have your exact listing. While I do have a design style that is recognizable, I do not recycle listings to use and once it is yours, it is yours. However, if you buy a premade listing there will be a limited amount sold. I will not sell more than 5 of the same listing before it is retired.

Q: Do you write content for websites or do training on how to use them?
A: No. Keep in mind when you purchase a WP design, you are purchasing just that – the design. I do not write text for you. I will create the pages they go on per your request, but you must fill them in. I can help with basic WP questions but it is self explanatory and you should not need much assistance on that part. If you do need text written, I work with Bunny of Phone Sex SEO

Q: What about the new Niteflirt Coding Changes?
A: My listings should be already compliant with what Niteflirt is planning to enforce. Usually NF will give you an updated option and if you click “use this” it will work just fine. If for whatever reason it is not, I will correct the problem at no charge to you. This goes for any templates I have made in the past!

Pricing and Information

Banner Design
Single Banners: $5 Each
Three Banners: $12
Five Banners: $20

Website Design
Wordpress Solo Girl Custom Design: $65
Non-Wordpress Solo-girl Site: $95
Wordpress Multi-Girl Site: $90
Non-Wordpress Multi-Girl Site: $115

Niteflirt Design
Custom Listing: $35
Premade designs: $15
Button Set: $15
Header: $15

Other Services Offered
Logo Design
Photo Touch-ups